Safety Matters

June 19 2017

Safety is a top concern to us at COOL-SPACE. Whether it is our own team or our customers', we know the importance of keeping the people who make our business successful safe. That's why our National Sales Manager, Stephani Bisignano, is attending the Safety 2017 Professional Development Conference & Exposition in Denver Colorado.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to safety and heat stress is a big one. The amount of work, hydration and air temperature are the 3 causes of heat stress. As the temperature goes up health problems increase and productivity goes down. Using a COOL-SPACE evaporative cooler is one way to easily and efficiently prevent heat stress.  

While at the expo Stephani hopes to learn more about decreasing heat stress, how our products can help, and what we can do to better help our customers as well as our own COOL-SPACE team in all aspects of safety.