It's Summer Somewhere...

January 4 2016

With snow on the ground and the thermostat reading 25 degrees on the way into work, it’s hard to
even think about anything besides staying warm during the Indiana winter. However it’s summer
somewhere and the demand for COOL-SPACE is never ending.

Expecting to reach record numbers in 2016, COOL-SPACE is working overtime to supply the strong
demand it produces with its high quality, great service and fair prices. Over the years COOL-SPACE
has built a great reputation with this objective and it is the main reason for the constant growth
over the many years of being in business.

The 2016 COOL-SPACE calendar is filling up with conventions, sporting events, fairs and festivals
all around the world. So if you would like to see COOL-SPACE in action or find out who your local
distributor is, please have look at our website or call 1(800)557-5716.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year!