COOL-SPACE to Launch Product Range to New Territories

COOL-SPACE to Launch Product Range to New Territories

November 11 2015

COOL-SPACE, one of the USA’s major manufacturers of evaporative cooling systems, is launching its complete product range throughout the ‘Rest of the World’. The company’s detailed knowledge and experience of the industry ensures the most effective and energy efficient system is always proposed.

We are delighted to be expanding our core business to new territories. We believe our product range will be of great interest to a number of market sectors including leisure and entertainment, automotive workshops, equine centers and stables, exhibition venues and events, oil industry drilling areas and other environments that are effected by seasonal weather fluctuations. There are many parts of the world that have excessive temperatures in summer months – fortunately we have the range of products to provide a flexible solution to providing comfort conditions for our customers.

Mike Hale, Cool-Space President

Evaporative air cooling systems are portable, environmentally friendly, working only on water and air movement and have no complicated installation requirements requiring only single phase electricity and a water supply.