Air conditioning a warehouse or large industrial buildings can be very costly. You need a product that will cool what needs cooling (the people) and work well in open-door spaces. COOL-SPACE was made for these spaces!


Every year thousands are affected by heat stress. Workers who work in hot environments are at risk of heat stress. Heat stress can lead to injuries, heat related illnesses, and in some cases, death. Not only is it nice to take care of your workers, it is required. OSHA states that employers must provide an environment free from hazards that could cause death or serious harm to employees. This includes heat related hazards. Heat Stress is 100% preventable.


As temperatures rise, productivity falls - you may have witnessed this for yourself. In fact, in an independent study conducted by NASA it was shown that both productivity and accuracy decrease as temperatures increase.

Cost Savings

The best way to keep workers cool is air conditioning; but let’s face it, air conditioning is expensive and not always an option. Plus, in a warehouse, you have vast spaces that don’t need cooling. COOL-SPACE portable evaporative coolers are a great way to get cool air where it’s needed at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.

The COOL-SPACE BLIZZARD-50 goes a step further. Like all of our products it draws in warm dry air across the cooling media and delivers cooled air from a powerful fan – in this case the largest of its kind. What makes this cooler special is the Intuitive Control Panel™ which includes an occupancy sensor. When activated, the occupancy sensor will properly shut down the cooler when the space is vacant.

We know you want to keep your workers safe and productive. We also know you want to save money. COOL-SPACE has been cooling warehouses for well over 20 years. COOL-SPACE and our distribution and retail partners are ready to help you determine the best solution for your space.

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