Party Longer

Taking time to kick back outdoors is a highlight of summer enjoyment. Extend the fun and stay comfortable during your outdoor gatherings with a COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler. Our portable evaporative coolers add comfort and relaxation to your exterior living and entertaining spaces when you’re trying to escape the summer heat.

Work Harder

If you are more of an all work and no play kind of person you may want keep your gardening shed cool or check out what we can do for your workshop! When the work is done, use your COOL-SPACE to cool down and take a much deserved break while enjoying the sunshine.

“5 More Minutes!”

Hot summer days mean playing outside with your friends, getting fresh air and exercise. The kids (of all ages) may not want to come in when they can beat the heat with a COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler. Don’t forget the furry kids! They will love it too!

Whether it’s midday direct sunshine or after the sun goes down, keeping your space cool and comfortable is what COOL-SPACE is all about. We’ve used our experience with over 20 years of producing COOL-SPACE from our family-owned business to offer an easy to operate, safe, well-designed line of evaporative coolers that provide the outdoor enthusiast with the ultimate in performance and durability.

Learn more about adding comfort and enjoyment to your outdoor experiences by visiting our website to view our complete product line or visit one of our reliable retail partners.

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