Restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, event venues, sports complexes, and parties are places where you have to keep your customers happy! It’s important that your guests are comfortable without ruining the atmosphere.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

The last thing you want are a bunch of hot, sweaty, grumpy guests. Portable evaporative coolers are perfect for keeping guests in outdoor or open air spaces more comfortable. Guests who are cool and comfortable will have a better experience. If you are selling food, it helps to have cooler temps as people tend to eat less when they are hot. On hot days indoor spaces fill up. Having an outdoor space that is cool, breezy and comfortable on a hot day will increase your capacity, encourage guests to sit outside, and increase return visits.

Make the Most of the Space You Have

We all know that time is money. At COOL-SPACE, we know that space is also money. Larger spaces with large numbers of attendees where comfort and safety for the masses are the priority, may prefer the power of the AVALANCHE or the BLIZZARD units. However, smaller venues need to fit as many seats as they can.  Our GLACIER and FLURRY units will offer cooling for your patrons without taking up a lot of space. The FLURRY has a small 24” x 24” footprint and the GLACIER is only slightly larger with a 25.5” x 24” footprint.

Keep the Napkin on Your Lap

We’ve all been there. You and your friends are sitting outside at a party or a lovely eatery. It’s hot but you’re good because you chose the spot next to the fan. You quickly realize that this was not the best choice. You and your friends have to lean in or speak loudly to hear each other over the fan noise. Meanwhile your food is getting cold and napkins, empty cups and the wine list are flying!

The FLURRY unit is designed to have minimal impact visually and maintains low sound levels to ensure a pleasant ambiance. Its stackable configuration option offers the ability to customize your cooling needs.  The FLURRY is uniquely suited for patios, restaurants and other open-air venues.

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