Cooling an athletic field, sports complex, gym, race tent or other athletic facility can be tough - right? Not anymore! COOL-SPACE portable evaporative coolers are keeping athletes and their fans cool across the country.

Safety Matters

Every year student, amateur, and professional athletes suffer from heat illness. Heat illness can lead to injuries and, in some cases, death. Air conditioning is recommended but that is not always an option in athletic facilities and impossible outdoors. Electric fans may help improve air circulation but they won’t provide cooling.

COOL-SPACE portable evaporative coolers not only move the air, they cool it. Evaporative cooling draws in hot fresh air and blows out cooled air. By providing cool air and following guidelines provided by organizations such as the CDC and NATA, heat illness is 100% preventable.

Performance Matters

When it comes to athletics, performance is a top priority. Keeping your team cool before, during, and after competing will improve their physical performance as well as recovery. As an athlete’s core temperature increases they will get slower, make more mistakes, and increase their risk of injury. A COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler will lower ambient temperatures which will keep athletes core temp at a level that will keep them pushing harder longer.

Cost Matters

We get it. You want your athletes to stay safe and give it all they’ve got, but other cooling solutions may have either been too expensive or simply don’t work. COOL-SPACE portable evaporative coolers make sideline COOLING an option you can’t pass up. Explore our products to find one that is right for you. You can purchase on our website or we can help you find a retail partner.

Cool-Space Portable Evaporative Coolers are in compliance with all NCAA regulations.

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