Without using chemicals, a COOL-SPACE unit can reduce the temperature by as much as 33°F - keeping you cool and productive. COOL-SPACE has cooling solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments; making it the ideal solution to cool anywhere air conditioning is ineffective or cost prohibitive. 

COOL-SPACE is perfect for cooling open and well-ventilated spaces that allow the cooler to draw in plenty of fresh warm air to cool your space. A COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler can get cooling where you need it so you aren't wasting money and energy cooling unoccupied areas.

Warehouses - Factories - Loading Docks


Aircraft Hangars

Athletic Fields

Outdoor Venues

Equine Centers and Stables

Other Applications

Other applications include

  • Military Facilities
  • Garden Centers
  • Greenhouses
  • Agriculture
  • Patios