Tough, UV Resistant Roto Molded Housing

November 11 2015

The next important construction quality to consider in your evaporative cooler is the housing material or the cabinet on the outside of the unit. Some manufacturers use stainless steel and others use polyethylene which is a heavy duty thermoplastic. The advantages of polyethylene over stainless steel are that polyethylene housings are corrosion free and will never rust. Polyethylene housings are typically molded and have rounder edges than stainless steel housings which have squared or sharp edges. This is helpful say in an automotive shop or other environment. If the cooler bumps into a car or other equipment, the polyethylene surface is less likely to scratch the paint or damage what ran into it.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE housings are roto molded of UV resistant, corrosion free polyethylene, twice as thick as the industry standard for more durability, less vibration and noise absorption.