8" Thick, Edge Coated Cooling Media

November 11 2015

The heart of a portable evaporative cooler is the cooling media or the "pads" that are soaked with water and provide the cooling effect.

Because hot air is forced through these pads, the THICKER the pads are the more surface area there is available to cool the air, increasing the temperature drop.

Think of it like this. If you were going to buy a truck or other vehicle to pull or haul a trailer every day, would you want the engine in your truck to be a V-6 or a V-8 (especially if gas prices didn't matter)?

You’d want a V-8 because the bigger engine provides more power in pulling and hauling your loads. It’s similar with cooling media. Depending upon your location, if you’re going to be using a portable evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) every day to cool yourself, workers or large areas, you want the largest cooling pads you can get for the most cooling effect.

COOL-SPACE proudly uses Munters Corporation's UL, Greengaurd Gold certified evaporative cooling media. 


Munters GLASdek® and CELdek® evaporative cooling and humidification pads have been tested for emissions from over 360 individual chemicals of concern, guaranteeing them as having non-harmful emissions.

The tests have been performed according to one of the world’s most stringent product emissions standards in the world. An independent party has performed the tests. Yearly testing of the products is required to maintain the certification.

How is COOL-SPACE different?

COOL-SPACE has 8" thick, Greenguard certified cooling media compared to our competitor's 6" thick cooling media. The extra 33% offers more surfaces for evaporation, resulting in greater temperature drops.

  • ETL, UL and CE approved
  • Delivers up to 33°F cooling effect – depending on relatively humidity
  • Cooling media is 8 inch thick, cross corrugated cellulose material: angle fluted to provide effective cooling and air distribution.
  • Edge coated with thermosetting resin giving additional strength and protection from growth of algae or mildew