• How does the cooler work?
    As air passes through the cooling media (pads), it absorbs the moisture. This moisture absorbs the heat in the air, thus reducing the air temperature. Just like it does on a hot summer day when it rains.

  • Does the cooler add humidity?
    Yes, but only a slight amount. The area needs a constant flow of fresh air to keep from re-humidifying the air.

  • How much of a decrease in temperature does the cooler provide?
    Typically an 8 to 33 degree drop, depending on the existing dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.

  • How much water does the cooler use?
    On average 2 to 10 gallons per hour, depending on the dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.

  • Does the cooler spray or mist water?
    No, moisture is added to the air in a vapor state. Therefore, no puddles or wet spots are created by the cooler.

  • How long does the cooling media (pads) last?
    3 to 5 years depending on the care given to them. If you have hard water, using the COOL-SPACE conditioning tablets will help prolong their life.

  • How effective is the cooler in humid climates?
    The air temperature and relative humidity will determine the effective temperature drop. Even in humid climates, you can expect around an 8 degree temperature drop. This drop in temperature combined with our high velocity fan can still create a chill factor of 15 – 20 degrees.