Spring Cleaning

April 2 2020

The temperatures are warming and little buds are appearing on the trees. You know what that means? SPRING! I don't know about you but at COOL-SPACE Spring is the time we detach the snow plow, put away the snow shovels and heaters and start pulling out our warm weather equipment. You know what? Your COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler has been waiting all winter to come out and get to work!

Hopefully you properly winterized your COOL-SPACE before you stored it but a little Spring Cleaning is always a good idea before you operate your cooler for the first time. Through normal use, especially in areas with hard water, sediment can build up. Using water treatment tablets and general maintenance that includes periodic cleaning you will never experience any down time in performance.

To make sure your cooler is at optimal condition before the high temps hit you'll want to inspect and clean your entire unit including the cooling media, water pan, water reservoir, distribution tube, float valve, fan, and pump.

First you'll need to remove the cooling media. Clean out any debris in the water in the water pan at the bottom. You can rinse with vinegar water to remove any hard water scale.

Next it's a good idea to clean the cooling media before you put it back. You may only need to brush off dust or you may need to rinse the cooling media with clean water. After rinsing make sure you allow it to dry completely before reinstalling. If the cooling media is heavily stained with minerals or falling apart, replace with new cooling media from COOL-SPACE. 

While the cooling media is out remove the distribution tube from mounting clips. Remove the plug at end of tube and flush out. Clean distribution holes with small brush, flush with water to verify all holes are clear.

Now you'll want to check the water system. Connect the water line and turn on the water supply. Check the float valve and make sure it is operating properly. Verify that the float valve is shutting the water off before walking away.

Once the cooling media is completely dry reinstall it properly.

**You can find instructions on how to replace the cooling media in your unit in the COOL-SPACE video library.**

Lastly, switch on the fan motor and recirculating pump Make sure the cooling media is being evenly saturated with water by adjusting the water flow using the flow control valve. Small dry streaks are expected.

Once your cooler is all cleaned up and tuned up it will be ready for a summer of cooling. Be sure to take care of your COOL-SPACE portable evaporative cooler all season long. To prevent scale and corrosion or or eliminate odor  we suggest using water treatment tablets be used regularly to keep your cooler at peak efficiency and performance.  

Click here to download our Spring Cleaning Checklist!