It's Not Your Granddaddy's Swamp Cooler

It's Not Your Granddaddy's Swamp Cooler

June 23 2020

It Doesn’t Matter What You Call It – It’s Still Evaporative Cooling To Me

ancient evaporative desert cooler

Here at COOL-SPACE we build Portable Evaporative Coolers. Maybe you’ve heard of an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler or swamp box or desert cooler or wet air cooler . . . No matter what you call them, evaporative coolers are devices that cool the air by forcing the evaporation of liquid water by using latent heat.

Evaporative Cooling as a practice has been around since at least 2500 B.C. Plaster paintings from the time depict servants fanning jars of water to make rooms for royalty cooler (R., 1986). Fast forward to the 1920’s and 30’s when settlers in the Southwest would sleep in outdoor facilities like screened in porches or roofs and hung wet sheets above them to get some relief from the hot summer sun. Behind the scenes, from the 16th to the 20th century, people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Blaise Pascal, Robert Boyle, and more were making discoveries that would prove important to Evaporative Cooling.

The OG Cooling Solution

sweatAt its roots, the general process of Evaporative Cooling has been around since sweating has been a thing (which is a very long time). Look at it this way, you’re outside in the summer sun and it is HOT so your body starts to sweat. Since your sweat is a liquid the hot sun evaporates it quickly, causing you to sweat more. Rinse and repeat and BAM Evaporative Cooling…albeit on a very small scale that leaves you sticky and in need of a shower. That’s why at COOL-SPACE we have taken all the ancient practices, scientific discoveries, and designs spanning from ancient times to current times and engineered an evaporative cooler that cools in a cool way.

History Inspires Innovation

Spanning over 20 years as the industry leader, COOL-SPACE portable evaporative coolers are not your grandfather’s swamp cooler. Evaporative coolers function generally the same way with a common purpose: lower the room temperature and make the occupants cool. The basic design allows for water evaporation to provide a cooling effect in the space. However, not all evaporative coolers are created equally.

Intuitive Control PanelBuilt to cool large spaces and easy to operate; COOL-SPACE manufactures the largest portable evaporative cooler in the industry. Our BLIZZARD-50 unit provides the most powerful evaporative cooling all day long. Our innovative Intuitive Control Panel that is standard on the BLIZZARD-50 model includes an Occupancy Sensor that shuts down the unit when an area is vacant. The Automatic Shutdown system functions to dry the pads at the end of each use. This helps extend the life of the 8” thick media and allow for long-term operation without pad replacement.

COOL-SPACE evaporative coolers are built to last and carefully engineered with the science of aerodynamics to minimize energy consumption while maximizing the airflow. An evaporative air cooler offers an energy efficient cooling option to keep your team productive. The cooling efficiency is at its best when the air is hot with low humidity, such as desert areas like the southwestern United States. Our coolers are ready to Fill Up, Plug In, Cool Down just about anywhere that cooling is needed. Check out our Air Temperature vs Humidity chart to see just how much cooling effect you can expect.

Keep Cool With Confidence

COOL-SPACE is committed to its reputation for quality and providing comfort in hard to cool spaces. Our 5-year warranty protects your purchase against any manufacturing defects. COOL-SPACE is the most trusted evaporative cooler brand with complete USA-based Customer Support from our factory team in Fortville, IN. Our Customer Service phone hotline or website chat connects you directly to a knowledgeable support associate who is ready to assist you with your swamp box, desert fan, or evap unit – we’ve heard them all!

We’re ready to partner with you to provide the latest in cooling technology.



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