American Made Products From An American Owned Company

American Made Products From An American Owned Company

May 27 2020

Now, maybe more than ever before, we’re receiving calls from our respected customers asking about the country of origin for our COOL-SPACE® products.  We appreciate your loyalty and we assure you, we always have been, and still are today: American Made Products from an American Owned Company.

Since 1998 COOL-SPACE® engineers have designed highly efficient portable evaporative cooling equipment in our facilities in Indiana. It is in our Indiana-based manufacturing facilities that COOL-SPACE® products are made, sold and shipped.  

COOL-SPACE® has grown into an international manufacturer with worldwide reach that is constantly growing and innovating. This has not changed our core values; not the least of which is that we are an American owned company producing products in America by Americans.

For over 20 years COOL-SPACE® portable evaporative coolers have provided powerful cooling in large agricultural areas, manufacturing plants and outdoor spaces. This cost-effective solution of portable cooling uses the natural process of water evaporation to reduce heat and naturally humidify and cool the air. Our heavy-duty portable coolers work by passing warm air through a damp evaporative cooling media that absorbs heat and transforms the hot air into a refreshing cool breeze. COOL-SPACE® products connect to a standard garden hose and feature a variety of CFM capacities. The energy-efficient and eco-friendly coolers pack more power than typical outdoor fans and are often used to effectively cool athletic events, warehouses, automotive shops, pool or patio areas, and more.

COOL-SPACE® is designed around quality, durability and strength, providing powerful CFMs of air for hot, stuffy workspaces. They come fully assembled and are easy to operate, so they’re ready to go to work right out of the box. The durable rotomolded exterior is ideal for the outdoors or rugged working environments and carries an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

For more information on how COOL-SPACE® can help you stay cool – contact a member of our sales team at 800-577-5716.

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